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Autore: alfaalex
15 Aug, 2009  |  23:19

Modalità Headhunting, Survival, Deathmatch
Ambientazione Temporale 14:00 / 2:00
Locazione Closed factory
Player Raccomandati 8 vs 8
Player Massimi 12 vs 12
Dimensione 4:6 (larghezza*altezza)
Bilanciamento Team 50:50
Modalità Consigliate Deathmatch, Survival
Caratteristiche - Battle takes place in a ruined factory.
- Very simple structure. The starting bases are nearby, so intense close-quarter battles are expected.
- A typical fist to fist battle map.
- It is important to oppress your opponent in the beginning.
- Because of the pond the middle, Smoke Grenade do not take effect.
Armi Consigliate - Scope-equipped automatic weapon - Assault Type automatic rifle - Grenade, Flashbang, Smoke Grenade