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Autore: alfaalex
15 Aug, 2009  |  23:19

Modalità Headhunting, Survival, Deathmatch, Demolition
Ambientazione Temporale 16:00 / 13:00
Locazione n/d
Player Raccomandati 12 vs 12
Player Massimi 12 vs 12
Dimensione 4:6 (larghezza*altezza)
Bilanciamento Team 40:60
Modalità Consigliate Deathmatch, Demolition
Caratteristiche - There are many reeds that makes it hard to see your enemies. It is critical to use the reeds to hide yourself. - The rustling sounds can expose you to your enemies, so extra caution is necessary. For demolitions, defending team has the advantage over the offending team. offending team should try to decrease the number of enemies first, then try to set up the bomb.
Armi Consigliate - Scope-equipped automatic weapon and Sniper Rifle - Grenade , Flashbang, Smoke Grenade